Literary Fair Entries Due March 14 and March 21

Kimberly Falzone
03.12.2018 22:16:00
Hi Everyone,

This is a reminder that all Literary Fair entries are due this Wednesday, March 14 and next Wednesday, March 21 at Trinity Wesleyan Church.  Please look for a box on the front lobby counter during the times 8:45 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.  If you are not able to turn your entries in at this location on these two dates, please contact me through email at and I will try to make other arrangements.  All other details are being copied below regarding requirements and descriptions of the entries.

Kim Falzone  

Hello Everyone:

This year's Literary Fair will be held on Tuesday, April 10.   Below you will find the different genres that can be entered in every grade division.  I will collect entries on Wednesday, March 14 and March 21 to give the judges enough time to judge the literary works and for us to order the appropriate ribbons.  Below the descriptions of each genre, you will find additional helpful information.  If you have any questions, please email me or call 704-633-6500. 

RCHSA Literary Fair

Grade divisions/genres:

K-1:    poetry, book jacket, short story, and character sketch

2-3:    poetry, book jacket, short story, and character sketch

4-5:    poetry, book jacket, short story, character sketch, and expository paragraph

6-7:    poetry, book jacket, short story, character sketch, essay, and fan fiction 

8-10:    poetry, book jacket, short story, character sketch, essay, research paper, and fan fiction

11-12:    poetry, book jacket, short story, character sketch, essay, research paper, and fan fiction

Description of Genres:

Poetry:   Poems may be free verse (non-rhyming) or may follow a particular format (haiku, limerick, rhyme, etc.)

Book Jacket:   A book jacket is made from folding a piece of paper (8.5 x11 or larger) in half  (card style).  The front cover should include the title of the book, its author, and an illustration.  The inside should include a synopsis of the book and any other pertinent information the student wishes to include (including illustrations.)  Book jackets can be completed on both fiction and nonfiction books.
Short Story:   A short story is a brief work of fiction that generally focuses on one or two main characters that face a single problem or conflict.  The individual student determines length. 

Character Sketch:  A Character sketch is a description of a fictional character found in a book a student has read.  The description should go beyond physical appearance only.  It should enable the reader to see who the character is by his actions, thoughts, etc.  It can be set up in a book jacket format or simply be written/typed on an 8.5x11 paper.  It must include the name of the character and the book in which he is found.

Expository Paragraph:   An expository paragraph gives information.  It explains a subject, gives directions or shows how something happens.  In expository writing linking words such as first, second, then, and finally are usually used to help readers follow the ideas.  The paragraph organizes itself around three parts.  A topic sentence allows the reader to understand what the writing is about.  The middle part of the paragraph contains sentences that follow one another in a logical sequence of steps.  The final sentence closes the subject with an emphasis on the final product or process desired by the topic.  

Essay:   An essay is a short piece of writing that generally presents the personal view of the author.  It discusses, describes or analyzes one topic in either a serious or humorous manner.  It should include three basic parts: An introduction, body, and conclusion.  Essays are generally argumentative, persuasive, descriptive, or expository; however, any traditionally accepted type of essay is permitted.

Research Paper:   This category has been included to give students an opportunity to enter their curricula-driven term papers in the fair.  Research papers must include a works cited page.

Fan Fiction:   Fan Fiction refers to stories based on another writer’s characters or settings that are written by a fan of the original work.  

Additional Information: 

 Students may enter as many pieces of writing in as many categories as they wish.  
 Entries may be hand written or typed.
 Elementary students may dictate their compositions to a scribe.
 Each piece of writing should include the student’s name, grade, and phone number on the back to ensure impartiality during the judging process.
 Each student will receive a certification of participation.  First, second and third place ribbons will be awarded in each category of each grade division.  Each participant will also be entered into a drawing in their grade division for various prizes.  The number of tickets for the drawing will be equal to the number of entries each student submits.  

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