Bottle fed goat

Hiram Taylor
03.03.2018 20:51:00
Do any of you want the opportunity to purchase a new-born goat to raise and bottle feed? ($25)

Here’s the story. We have a part pygmy goat who has always had 3 babies at a time but only takes care of 2 of them. So, once we see the one she rejects, we bring it into the house and raise it in an old playpen until it is ready to go into the pasture. We have done this successfully twice now, and these bottle fed goats make great pets and are a lot of fun to watch running and jumping around. It’s been a great family experience for us, but this time our girls are not wanting to take this on.

Salty (the mother) could have her babies any day. She may only have 2 this time; we just don’t know. But we’d like to have someone lined up who could come asap if she rejects one of her babies again.

If you are interested, please let us know.
Leah Beth Taylor

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