Embryology in the Classroom (Free)

Gina Blandino
01.09.2018 3:57:00
Hi All Members!
This is a wonderful free program offered through Rowan County Cooperative Extension. 
You will receive your eggs and supplies after or the day of the training session.  This cycle is for February 26th or 27th until March 23rd. All your eggs should  hatch in about 21 days. The incubators must be returned by March 23rd, these supplies will be used in the next cycle. You do not have to keep the chickens, the Extension Office will take the chickens.  I only have spots for 25 families, this is a first come, first served basis. 

From the Extension Office:
Rowan County Cooperative Extension will be offering Embryology in the Classroom again in the spring of 2018.  This is an excellent way to get students engaged in the life cycle study and provides a fun and interactive teaching aid. Parents & students will need to also to attend a training session about how to use the curriculum and hatching equipment.  There is no charge to have the program for your 
home-school.  Participating families will receive 1 dozen fertilized eggs and use of curriculum, incubators, data collection sheets, and teaching aids.

Contact Gina Blandino to sign up and if you have questions. 

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