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Welcome to the Rowan County Home School Association members website. RCHSA is dedicated to the support of homeschooling parents and students who are homeschooling in the Rowan County, North Carolina area. Through field trips, social outings, teaching co-ops and various clubs and events, we seek to create many opportunities for education and socialization of homeschooled children.


FACT: If homeschooled students in North Carolina were grouped into a single school district, it would be the states third largest behind Wake County and Charlotte-Mecklenburg.




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Division of Non-Public Education The North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education (DNPE)
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Welcome To Our Website


The Rowan County Home School Association (RCHSA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Homeschooling and encouraging Homeschooling families. Since this is a membership based group, the bulk of the content of this site is only available to members. You are welcome to visit any of our monthly meetings and see if the group is a good fit for you. Please check the calendar for the next meeting.

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NC Virtual Academy Ruling

RCHSA has recently been asked if a family can become a member if their children are enrolled in the new NC Virtual Academy. They are looking for opportunities for their children to be with others. This subject has been discussed and reviewed by the RCHSA Board and after much discussion the decision was made to not allow any school to join our group that is not registered and in compliance with the NC Department of Non-Public Education and Home School Law. As a student in a Public School, one would not be eligible.


We are a mutual support group for homeschooling families. Each member contributes their time for at least one activity each year in support of the group. Our group is for more than field trips and park days. We have programs designed around choosing the best curriculum for your child, how to effectively teach that curriculum, customizing the curriculum for your child, along with group testing and helping locate other resources. Because we operate under the North Carolina Home School law, how we teach and encourage our members is not compatible with a public school setting – even if it is at home.


Also, we are much more than an athletic organization or social club. The community is full of these types of organizations. The YMCA, city sports leagues, 4-H, library programs, church groups, and private music lessons are available to name a few. In fact, the NC Virtual Academy states that they sponsor their own support groups. So, if you are looking for this kind of support you can contact them for further information.


If you are considering homeschooling instead of the virtual academy, we would welcome you join us as a homeschooler. You have made half of the commitment already. That you are curious about us is an indication that we may be the option you really want anyway. It is not the security of a State School, but we do have the freedom to teach as we think best for our children. We have the freedom to customize education for each child. You are invited to attend one of our support meetings as a guest and see if this would be a good fit for you. Use the “Contact Us” link to find out more information on these meetings.


For more information on why NC Virtual Academy is NOT considered a homeschool program please [read this article] on the NCHE website.

Mission Statement

The Rowan County Home School Association is a Christ-centered homeschool support group. We offer our members the opportunity to participate in academic programs and social activities that strengthen and promote traditional family values. Education is a God-given right and the responsibility of parents.

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