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Tara Kayali
01.05.2018 15:36:00
I sent this earlier this week but didn't see it go through, so trying again.  Sorry if this is a repeat!  

My 15 year old daughter has gotten into refinishing furniture and she just finished this great desk and chair to sell.  It is very solid, heavy, real wood desk and chair that will last.  The desk is 29 1/2" tall, 42" wide, and 20" deep.  We are almost certain that this was originally furniture from a Catawba College dorm room based on my husband's memory of his college days there and the markings that were all over the top when we first got it.  The desk is finished in blue paint and a grey stain.  Momma wants to clear some projects out of the garage so we are listing it to the homeschool group at a discounted price compared to her public listing.  $50 obo for both the chair and desk. or 704-201-2663 if interested

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