Quaker Parrots for sale

Hiram Taylor
12.23.2017 13:46:00
Hi, I have two beautiful green Quaker parrots that I am looking to sell. They are approximately 3 years old. They have ankle bands, though I do not have their paperwork. They are supposed to be a male and female, but I am unsure if they are because they have never laid any eggs or appeared to be mating. They are cage aggressive, but once away from the cage they can be held. Their wings have been clipped in the past, but have since grown out so they sometimes fly around the room when I let them out. Right now they only say “hello” and they laugh, but I think they would say a lot more if they were spoken to more often. The reason I am selling them is that I feel that in the coming years I will not have the time I need to spend with them. I am asking $300 for both of them or best offer. 
Thank you,

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